Default Service Thresholds

In N-able N-central on-premise deployments you are able to change service thresholds that are configured by default. For every service in N-central, you can change the default thresholds and choose to apply your changes to existing and new instances or to only new instances.

You need to be at the System level to make these changes.

Change default service thresholds

In order to adjust service thresholds, you must first be in the System level, then:

  1. Click Administration > Service ManagementDefault Service Thresholds

  2. In the drop-down menu next to Service Item, select a service.

  3. Make the desired changes to the thresholds.

  4. Click Save.

If you wish to apply the changes to existing instances, check the checkbox underneath Propagate to the right of the threshold(s) you've adjusted. If you leave the box unchecked, the changes will only apply to new instances.