Add SNMP-based Custom Services to Discovery Jobs

N-able N-central provides many built-in services that query SNMP data to monitor the health of these devices. SNMP-based custom services are closely tied to Discovery Jobs. There is an option in N-able N-central that allows you to add SNMP-based custom services to Discovery Jobs.

  1. Create a custom service:
    1. Navigate to Administration > Service Management > Custom Services.
    2. Click Add > Service > SNMP.
  2. Specify the appropriate settings:
    1. On the Queries tab, click Add and enter a Query Name.
    2. Click the Let the Agent/Probe get the SNMP Index by querying an OID with a specific value: radio button.
    3. Select the Enabling editing of this field in MSP N-central check box.

    4. Save your changes.
    5. From the Identifier Options drop-down menu, select SNMP Value.

That's it! You've set up everything you need to link that SNMP custom service to Discovery Jobs in N-able N-central.