Custom services

If you need a service that is not readily available in N-able N-central, you can create a custom service. A custom service leverages:

  • Automation Manager Policies,
  • N-able N-central's proprietary external data feed ( EDF) engine,
  • TCP port queries,
  • Log file monitoring,
  • SNMP queries,
  • Syslog messages, and
  • WMI queries

Custom services function similarly to the services included with N-able N-central.

Supported Custom Services

Support for the creation of some custom services is dependent on the operating systems. Refer to the table below to see what custom services are supported by Windows, macOS, and Linux.

  Windows macOS Linux
Automation Manager Policy Monitoring Service Supported X X
External Data Feed Service Supported X Supported*
Generic TCP Service Supported X Supported

Log Scan (Appended) Service

Supported Supported Supported
Log Scan (Batch) Service Supported Supported Supported

SNMP Service

Supported X Supported*
Syslog Service Supported X Supported*
WMI Service Supported X X

* These require the partner to configure the Linux device.

Stock service items

A stock service item is a predefined metric for an EDF, SNMP, or WMI custom service. This includes: CPU, Memory, Process, and UPS services. Use stock service items when the data you are collecting with the custom service needs to be included in N-able N-central's Executive Summary report or in any Report Manager report. For example, CPU usage.

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