CPU (VMware) service

When this service has a scan interval of less than 5 minutes, the agent may take longer than the scan interval to gather the metrics. As a result, you may notice some scan intervals are not populated.

The CPU (VMware) service monitors the CPU usage on ESXi servers.

N-able N-central uses the Common Information Model (CIM) services and ports for monitoring.

This service cannot use Self Healing.

Service TypeESXi
Instances on a Device1 - One instance of the CPU (VMware) service is aggregated across multiple processors on the ESXi server if there are multiple CPUs on the device.
Supported Systems/Applications ESXi 6.x and later.
Device ClassServer - ESXi
Monitored ByWindows probes
Scan Interval15 minutes
Minimum Scan Interval1 minute


Metric NameDescription
CPU Usage (%)The usage of the CPU, expressed as a percentage.