CCM Call Mgr Status service

The Cisco CallManager (CCM) Call Mgr Status service monitors the availability of the CCM sub-applications. These sub-applications include the CallManager, Call Dispatcher, TFTP Service, and Messaging Interface. 

This service cannot use Self Healing.

Service Type


Instances on a Device


Device Class

Server - Windows, Switch/Router

Monitoring Probe

Windows probe

Scan Interval

15 minutes

ccmStatus Index

The index corresponding to the row in the ccmTable that contains the ccmStatus. The index is typically a value of 1 or 2, but can also be an integer.


Metric Name OID/Calculation Description
Call Manager Status The host name of the CallManager.
Call Manager Name

The current status of the CCM server. The CCM server is available if the SNMP agent received a system up event from the local CCM.

The statuses are mapped as:

  • Failed: 3
  • Warning: 0,1,4-4294967295
  • Normal: 2

The meaning of the statuses:

  • 1: Unknown – The status cannot be determined
  • 2: Up – Call manager is up
  • 3: Down – Call Manager is down
Call Manager Version Number The version number of the CallManager software.
Call Manager Cluster Name The unique ID of the Cluster to which this CallManager belongs.