ShadowProtect SPX service

StorageCraft ShadowProtect SPX is a block-based backup and disaster recovery product for Windows devices. The StorageCraft ShadowProtect SPX service monitors the following information about ShadowProtect SPX version 6.0 and higher backup jobs:

  • Backup Status
  • Backup Status Detail
  • Time Since Last Successful Backup
  • Last Backup Size
  • Last Backup Start Time
  • Last Backup Duration

All backup jobs require a job name, communication port, and a valid user name and password with local Administrator privileges. If the device already has an associated Administrator username and password, it will automatically be used for the service even if the username and password are unfilled in the configuration page.

When adding the service via a service template, you can use asset info for the port and job name. In this case, one instance will be created for each job discovered. Job names and port are discovered during the regular agent local asset discovery.

Service status

Service Type Backup
Instances on a Device 100
Supported Systems/Applications StorageCraft ShadowProtect SPX version 6 and higher
Device Class Server - Windows, Workstations - Windows, Laptop - Windows
Monitored By Local agent


Status details

Backup Status

Status of the most recent backup job:

  • 0 = Normal
  • 1 = Warning
  • 2 - 255 = Failed
Backup Status Detail

Provides a brief explanation of the Backup Status. This explanation will vary with the cause. For example:

  • Normal: The backup job completed Successfully.
  • Warning: The last run of the job status is queued.
  • Failed: The backup job failed. Error detail: error.destination.inaccessible.

The error detail is the actual code returned by the ShadowProtect SPX API. You can use this information to troubleshoot problems.


Service details

User Name Enter a valid user name with local Administrator privileges.
Password Password for the user name (above).
Job Name Enter a valid job name. This name is case-sensitive.



Backup Status
  • Range: 0-255
  • Normal: 0-0
  • Warning: 1-1
  • Failed: 2-255
Time Since Last Successful Backup Shows the time since last execution of the job in hours.
  • Normal=0-168
  • Warning=169-336
  • Failed=337-4294967295

The units scale based on the size of the value. For example, if three hours have passed since the last backup, it will display three hours. If 49 hours have passed, it will display 2 days.