MSP Backup Status service

Any device that has N-able N-central's MSP Backup installed automatically includes the MSP Backup Status service. This service monitors the status of the MSP Backup software.

Instances on a Device 1
Supported Systems/Applications Any MSP Backup device.
Device Class Workstation - Windows, Laptop - Windows, Server - Windows
Monitored By Windows agent


Status Detail Description
Data Source

The type of backup selected for the device.

Backup Status The state of the backup, whether it is in progress.
Last 28 Days A graphical representation of the status of previous backup attempts.
Time Since Last Successful Backup The time since the last backup in seconds.
Last Successful Backup Session End Time The date and time of the last completed backup.
Used Storage (Bytes) The amount of disk space used for file backups.
Backup Session In Progress And indication that a backup is currently being performed. The value displayed is either False (not occurring) or True (in progress).
Last Backup Session Information Details on the backup session on the size of the backup, duration and any errors encountered.


Set the thresholds for the service to determine how the service should monitor and report issues.

The Backup Status values are preset and should not be changed without consulting Technical Support. The default values are:

  • 3 - Backup as configured ran successfully.
  • 4 - Some minor problem occurred, such as a misconfiguration.
  • 5- backup has failed.