CA Replication Events service

The CA Replication Events service retrieves events from the CA Replication Control Console. To display the details of detected events, click the Reports tab for the service. To access the CA Replication Control Console, you need to configure the service with the user name and password used to sign in to the CA Replication Control Console.

You must install the service on the same computer where you installed the CA Replication Control Console.

This service cannot use Self Healing.

Instances on a Device 1
Supported Systems/Applications Any CA Replication Control Console device.
Device Class Workstation - Windows, Laptop - Windows, Server - Windows
Monitored By Windows agents
Scan Interval 15 minutes


Status Detail Description
Date and Time The date and time at which the event took place displayed in HH:MM format.
State The current state of the service in N-able N-central with the following default thresholds:
  • Failed = Critical or Error
  • Warning = Warning
  • Normal = Significant Info or Info
Event ID The unique identifier assigned to an individual CA Replication event.
Status The numeric value indicating the event status.
Event Message A description of the event.
Time Stamp The date and time when the event occurred.
Host The host device where the event occurred.
Sequence A numeric identifier indicating the order that the event occurred.
Event Severity The CA value indicating the severity of the event from one of:
  • Critical
  • Error
  • Warning
  • Significant Info
  • Info
Scenario ID The unique identifier of the replication scenario where the event occurred.
Error Message If the service transitions to a Failed state, the service displays the associated error message.