How N-able N-central gets Backup Exec data

The system has three main components: the Backup Exec database, the Windows probe or agent, and the N-able N-central server.



SQL database

Backup Exec commits all information about its backup jobs to an SQL database. By default, Backup Exec installs itself on an SQL Express database. You can also install Backup Exec on a SQL Server database.

Windows probe or Windows agent

You can use either a Windows probe or a Windows agent for the Backup Exec service. The monitoring agent or probe connects to the SQL database using the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) protocol and reads the job information.

N-able N-central server

The N-able N-central server receives updates at a predefined scan interval from the monitoring agent or probe. The N-able N-central server then updates the Backup Exec service with the new information and sends notifications as configured.