Advantages of monitoring Backup Exec with N-able N-central

Monitoring Backup Exec is typically a source of frustration for many service providers. It means dedicating a technician's time to logging into the Backup Exec console every day to check the status of each job; an inefficient, repetitive, and expensive workflow.

N-able N-central’s Backup Exec service eliminates this frustration and makes better use of your technician’s time by automating how they monitor Backup Exec. When a Backup Exec job fails, the Backup Exec service notifies a technician and automatically provided with trending data that allows him to resolve the issue quickly.

The N-able N-central Backup Exec service can monitor up to 50 jobs on a device. For each job, the Backup Exec service monitors a number of critical metrics, including:

  • the status of the backup job,
  • the elapsed time, number of files and directories that have been backed up,
  • the number of files that have been skipped or corrupted,
  • the number of files that are in use,
  • the total data backed up, and
  • the file transfer rate.