Scheduled task error codes

If a Scheduled Task fails, an error code will be inserted into one of the following log files in the C:\Program Files\N-able Technologies\Windows Agent\log folder:

  • RemoteExecutionModule.log,
  • RemoteControl.log, or
  • agent.log
Error Code Details
AG_ERR_REMO_001 Invalid Remote Execution Type
AG_ERR_REMO_002 Cannot find corresponding class to execute module
AG_ERR_REMO_003 Cannot find corresponding class to cleanup module
AG_ERR_REMO_004 Access Denied: No supplied username or password, cannot execute remote WMI query
AG_ERR_REMO_005 Invalid UninstallVnc Type
AG_ERR_REMO_006 Invalid Remote Control Type
AG_ERR_REMO_007 Invalid address/netmask filters
AG_ERR_REMO_008 Failed to decipher circuit breaker action
AG_ERR_REMO_009 Null or empty Parameter:
AG_ERR_REMO_010 Unable to retrieve parameter
AG_ERR_REMO_011 Invalid integer data in parameter
AG_ERR_REMO_012 Parameter is out of range:
AG_ERR_REMO_013 Failed to enable policy. Policy and filters will be removed
AG_ERR_REMO_014 Monitored Device returned status
AG_ERR_REMO_015 Failed to create policy, monitored device returned status code
AG_ERR_REMO_016 Deleting policy
AG_ERR_REMO_017 Delete policy status
AG_ERR_REMO_018 Failed to retrieve Policy for deletion, the monitored device returned
AG_ERR_REMO_019 Failed to find an active N-able Policy on monitored device. Policy does not exist
AG_ERR_REMO_020 There are no active policies on the remote device
AG_ERR_REMO_021 Failed to add TX Filter for probe, monitored device returned:
AG_ERR_REMO_022 Failed to add RX Filter for packets to probe, monitored device returned:
AG_ERR_REMO_023 Failed to add TX Filter for packets on IP range, monitored device returned:
AG_ERR_REMO_024 Failed to add RX Filter for IP range, monitored device returned:
AG_ERR_REMO_025 Probe IP not specified
AG_ERR_REMO_026 Intel AMT PowerControl error
AG_ERR_REMO_030 Invalid protocol
AG_ERR_REMO_031 Timeout (Unknown Results)
AG_ERR_REMO_032 Execution launch failed on remote device
AG_ERR_REMO_033 Successful execution on remote device
AG_ERR_REMO_034 Exception when remotely accessing the following directory
AG_ERR_REMO_035 Successfully transferred file to remote device
AG_ERR_REMO_036 Invalid Target IP List
AG_ERR_REMO_037 Invalid Remote Execution Item ID
AG_ERR_REMO_038 Ssh tunnel was not started properly
AG_ERR_REMO_039 IDE redirection failed
AG_ERR_REMO_040 In progress
AG_ERR_REMO_041 Timed out
AG_ERR_REMO_042 The file already exists on the remote device and overwrite option was not selected to replace the file
AG_ERR_REMO_043 Failed execution on remote device. Return Code
AG_ERR_REMO_044 Process returned null
AG_ERR_REMO_045 The required server is not running
AG_ERR_REMO_046 Unsupported RemoteExecutionType