Configure Connect2Help to open specific websites

Add links to web sites in the menu that will open a browser and access the target URL. Web links in the Connect2Help menu can use a set of variables that are obtained from N-able N-central and the local device that include the computer name, Agent ID, customer ID, customer name, and device ID.

For example, use a web link to access the Help Desk Manager client portal, already linked with the proper customer, with the following link, substituting your own information for the items in red:

You can add a link directly to the address of your HDM server for a more generalized login that can be used across multiple customers, substituting your own information for the items in red:

A simple example would be to add a link that is used to access Google:

  1. In Conect2Help, click Next to select a configuration file.
  2. Click Menu Items > Website.
  3. Enter a Label for the hyperlink in the Tray Tool menu and verify that the Action is Web link - the item will open in a browser.
  4. Enter the Web Address.
  5. Click any relevant Insert variables to be included in the Web Address:
    • PC Name - The DNS name of the device on which the Connect2Help Tray Tool is installed (for example:
    • Agent ID - Also known as the Appliance ID from the Agent tab in N-able N-central (for example, 2129402391).

    The options listed above are used to insert variables drawn from N-able N-central into URL strings. An example of when these might be useful is when creating a hyperlink for an Attended Remote Control session.

  1. Click Save.