Configure Connect2Help to use a default email message

Configure Connect2Help Tray Tool menu items to create email messages with pre-defined recipients, subjects, and content. when the user selects the menu item, the fields are pre-populated information.

  1. In Conect2Help, click Next to select a configuration file.
  2. Click Menu ItemsEmail.
  3. Enter the Label for the menu item.
  4. Select an the Action of Mail link - send email with optional attachments.
  5. Enter the recipient's email address in the To, Cc and Bcc fields. Use semi-colons to separate multiple email addresses.
  6. Enter the Subject for the email message and any Body text to be included in the message defaults.
  7. Click Configure email options to configure advanced email settings:
    1. Include a screen capture of the user's deskptop
    2. Record and attach problem steps
    3. Send the email directly using an SNTP server
  8. Click Test mail to create a test email message to verify your configuration.
  9. Click Save.