Configure Connect2Help to run system commands

Configure system commands in the menu runs locally on the remote device in the Windows Command Prompt. For example, you can configure a command that will have the end user ping a specific location in order to test internet connectivity.

  1. In Conect2Help, click Next to select a configuration file.
  2. Click Menu ItemsCommand.
  3. Enter the Label for the menu item.
  4. Next to Action, select Run a local command such as a script or application.
  5. Enter the Local command and arguments.
  6. Click the check box for Write console output to the Windows Event Log to save the results of the command in the log file.
  7. Click Test to verify the command. You may be required to close any command prompt windows that are opened to test your command.
  8. Click Save.

Troubleshooting errors in Command menu items

Error: Unable to find the specified file

The complete path for the command and its extension must be included. If the command is a standard Windows command, verify that the file extension has been included.

  • Command to be run locally:cmd.exe
  • Arguments to pass:/k ping

Any command line parameters that function in a Windows command prompt will also work from the Connect2Help Tray Tool.