Upgrade paths and notes

After the upgrade to N-central2022.8, an additional restart of the Windows Agent Service, Windows Agent Maintenance Service, and Windows Software Probe Service (Manually or Scheduled Task) or a full device reboot (not hibernate or sleep) may be required on Windows devices with misconfigured AMP-based services in order for them to go back to Normal state.

Upgrade versions

To upgrade to N-able N-central 2022.8, your N-able N-central server must be running one of the following versions:

  • N-able N-central 2021.1.0.32

  • N-able N-central 2021.2.0.140+

  • N-able N-central 2021.3.0.79+

  • N-able N-central 2022.1.0.47+

  • N-able N-central 2022.2.0.77+

  • N-able N-central 2022.3.0.46+

  • N-able N-central 2022.4.0.6+

  • N-able N-central 2022.5.0.6+

  • N-able N-central 2022.5.1.33

  • N-able N-central 2022.5.2.35

  • N-able N-central 2022.6.0.20+

  • N-able N-central 2022.7.0.22+

  • N-able N-central 2022.8.0.12+

Note the following when upgrading N-able N-central.

Scheduled Tasks may expire if the agent on an associated device is being upgraded when the task is scheduled to be completed. Agent upgrades are normally short in duration but may be delayed if a re-start of the device is pending.

IMPORTANT: If you are a Partner running N-central in Azure, review the following article to avoid any potential issues with the upgrade to this release. We have identified an issue that impacts our Azure hosted N-central partners. Fortunately, our team has steps to resolve the issue. Before upgrading your N-central server to any supported version, review the following article: How to Identify a Legacy Azure N-central Instance.