Upgrade paths and notes

We are aware that many partners may have problems with their probes upgrading to 2023.1 and newer from versions 2022.6 thru 2022.8. Before upgrading N-central to 2023.1 or newer, please download and review the instructions in the following zip file: Probe Upgrade Instructions.

Upgrade versions

To upgrade to N-able N-central 2023.3, your N-able N-central server must be running one of the following versions:

  • N-able N-central 2022.6.0.20+

  • N-able N-central 2022.7.0.22+

  • N-able N-central 2022.8.0.14+

  • N-able N-central 2023.1.0.12+

  • N-able N-central 2023.2.0.13+

Note the following when upgrading N-able N-central.

Tasks may expire if the agent on an associated device is being upgraded when the task is scheduled to be completed. Agent upgrades are normally short in duration but may be delayed if a re-start of the device is pending.