Included updates in N-able N-central

N-central version 2023.9 HF1 addresses a critical UI authentication vulnerability. This issue was responsibly disclosed and we’ve seen no exploitation of it across our customer base. We are recommending all partners upgrade to this version as soon as possible in order to fix this vulnerability prior to any details being published.

Release 2023.9 HF1

Category Description Item
Core 2023.9 HF1 includes a critical UI security fix that N-able is recommending all partners address by updating. All supported versions of N-central prior to 2023.9 HF1 are impacted by this. The issue is server side, agents are not impacted. NCCF-168702
Core Resolved an issue where services applied by newly added service templates resulted in invalid service parameters. NCCF-130499

Release 2023.9 GA

Please note that because of the PostgreSQL upgrade included with N-central 2023.9, on-premise partners can expect this upgrade to take longer than previous upgrades may have. Please do NOT reboot your N-central server if the upgrade appears to be stuck. Please check the server console for error messages, or contact Support and they can advise on the progress and status of the upgrade.

Category Description Item
Analytics Info icon for "Recipients" field on scheduler modal dialog window DV-5359
Analytics Missing Mouse-Over tooltip for Schedulers Subject field in Manage scheduler list screen DV-5355
Analytics Export buttons(ppt/pdf) should be disabled immediately after export is requested DV-5354
Analytics Wrong naming definition DV-5224
Automation Manager AM registry record is not updated AM-3740
Automation Manager AM Object: DVD Get DVD Drive Information AM-2514
Automation Manager Check if downloaded DLLs version matches expected version obtained from metadata AM-2618
Automation Manager "Stop Process" object runs until timeout when run as different user than owner of process AM-2743
Automation Manager Reboot Prompt object runs multiple times causing duplication of alerts AM-2780
Automation Manager AM "Get Last Boot Time" object doesn't handle well exception AM-3421
Automation Manager AM object - GetRegistryKeys output property PathNoRoot contains the root for HKCU registers AM-3465
Automation Manager 201 Cannot convert value "rror: 0x800705B" to type "System.Double". Error: "Input string was not in a correct format." AM-3561
Automation Manager RemoveUserFromLocalGroup object does not compose username correctly AM-3763
Automation Manager GetDate object formats output incorrectly AM-3766
Automation Manager Send Mail object keeps attachments locked AM-3822
Automation Manager EnableWirelessAdapters AM-3851
Automation Manager Get Windows Events - Designer execution error until object is seen under the Policy Builder AM-3852
Automation Manager ScriptRunner installation breaks - doesn't comply with custom path from installation parameters AM-3866
Automation Manager Possible Security issue with Automation Manager Service AM-3906
Automation Manager NC - AM creates app domain with unsigned assemblies AM-3911
Core N-central 2023.9 contains an upgrade to the Apache Struts version to v2.5.33 NCCF-170867
Core Not able to create SOs manually on N-central server build NCCF-165357
Core Analytics:Users Can Export A Report & Users Can Export A Report After Downloading - Keyword 'Element Should Be Visible' failed after retrying for 2 minutes. The last error was: Element with locator '//span[contains(text(),'Patch Missing')]' not found. NCCF-158477
Core Error cleaning up /tmp/migration directory NCCF-158456
Core Failed eventing startup can result in a null pinter exception in MspRelayPublisher that never gets cleared and blocks eventing forever. NCCF-152628
Core Adjust cli migration parameters template to match current cli app parameters NCCF-150297
Core Linux agent installation script does not exit properly NCCF-147130
Core Add a new column to the "Script/Software Repository" table that allows making a script runnable by REST APIs NCCF-145883
Core Add the ability to determine which scripts can be invoked from REST APIs NCCF-145880
Core N-central: add a new UI status for failed URLs pre-checks NCCF-143691
Core [Disaster Recovery] Rerun the migrate command when NC fails during a migration NCCF-141917
Core Create new Cove filter to get devices with Cove Backup Manager installed NCCF-139882
Core Link monitoring status with Cove device backup status NCCF-139610
Core Agent Module to support Cove App Monitoring service NCCF-139609
Core Automatically assign/remove Cove services based on asset discovery NCCF-139608
Core Create new service for "Cove App Monitoring" production status NCCF-139607
Core N-Central should not be monitoring integrations if none are turned on NCCF-137409
Core DMA:Commands from Device View don't work NCCF-137255
Core Patch Status title is missing on the report NCCF-134769
Core Windows OS Version not showing correctly NCCF-134250
Core Password Reset Successful Change Email Shows IP Instead of FQDN NCCF-131240
Core Windows Agent: ComponentStatusUpdate should be called only after installation status was changed NCCF-130229
Core Change the Cove Icon and report on Cove status NCCF-130209
Core Verify Windows Log Event Has Single Backslash NCCF-127838
Core Issue with EDR status on Ncentral UI when S1 Uninstallation triggered from EDR Tab. NCCF-127371
Core Upgrade 2023.4,2023.5,2023.6 to 2023.7 on Probe/Agent device is showing duplicate windows agent on USeNewUpdate=False NCCF-120402
Core Copy of Device Name has preceding white space NCCF-109980
Core VSS Script Service for EDR (Not API Data Driven) NCCF-109180
Core Okta Support for Custom (OpenID Connect) SSO Provider NCCF-101768
Core Cove Icon for Enabled "Features" NCCF-100243
Core Custom Device Property "Password" Should Save at Device Level NCCF-101757
Core Modify how agent checks for Take Control being functional NCCF-92486
Core LDAP Login Adding Extra Backslash Just to UI Display NCCF-91561
Core Move MSP Backup / BUi to its own Backup menu in the left nav NCCF-58745
Core Correct agent version not reflecting in N-central UI NCCF-56348
Core N-central needs to limit the amount of Soap data from agents scheduled tasks output NCCF-16873
Core "My Links" update to fix the Default Links and point to correct URLs NCCF-16813
Core Add Usage Example for {{Device Property}} in Notification Templates NCCF-15112
Ecosystem Framework "Integration Management" Title Header missing in UI view KUIP-5591
Ecosystem Framework Failed Devices List - UI KUIP-5492
Ecosystem Framework Add New Hidden Registry Key to Point to New Agent Path (v5) KUIP-5482
Ecosystem Framework DMS: REST endpoint to return the current status of the migration for ON-PREM migrations KUIP-5435
Ecosystem Framework DMS: REST endpoint to run migration script on ON-PREM servers KUIP-5434
Ecosystem Framework Remove Reinstall of Ecosystem Agent from N-central Agent KUIP-5424
Ecosystem Framework Automatic Install of Ecosystem Agent - Upgrades KUIP-5404
Ecosystem Framework Automatic Install of Ecosystem Agent- New N-Central Installs KUIP-5403
Ecosystem Framework Remove Ecosystem Agent if all integrations are disabled KUIP-5402
Ecosystem Framework Remove automatic install of Ecosystem Agent KUIP-5401
Ecosystem Framework NC agent to uninstall Eco agent based on device UUID (not Publisher) KUIP-4263
Integrated AV Syntax issue in N-Central UI when no threats were found IAV-1924