Included updates in N-able N-central

Release 2023.3 GA

Category Description Item
Core Further changes to Remote Control Icon for Take Control NCCF-78780

Release 2023.3 RC

Category Description Item
Core [Command] Update Device Information NCCF-31996
Core [DMS]Store UUID in new database table NCCF-57601
Core [DMS] New Attributes Tables for mobile devices NCCF-43207
Core [DMS] Detect device registration when refreshing device list NCCF-38860
Core [DMS] Update enrollment notifications url to route to new page NCCF-37614
Core [FEATURE] Add Azure SSO button on login page NCCF-57324
Core [UI]Return public enrollment url to download profile NCCF-57602
Core [UI]Sending prepare for enrollment from enollment page NCCF-57600
Core [UI]Implement view for new enrollment page NCCF-41620
Core [USABILITY] Adjust Remote Control Icon color when no Take Control Heartbeat is received NCCF-49566
Automation Manager Update Windows Backup stock service to return information for each of the 4 thresholds AM-3079
Automation Manager Download File From URL Error AM-3076
Automation Manager Issue with very high memory usage by AutomationManager.ScriptRunner64 processes AM-3071
Automation Manager Current version of Automation Manager ( is too old to run this policy. AM-3056
Automation Manager Improve AM Engine upgrade process if new version download from SIS fails AM-3055
Automation Manager AM Engine upgrade from SIS fails on FIPS devices AM-3053
Automation Manager Fix default RPC address fallback AM-3047
Automation Manager Automation Manager Crashing on Launch AM-3029
Core Automated N-central OS Package Update - February 01, 2023 NCCF-61351
Core Additional validation for enrollment page NCCF-60174
Core Submit Queue Performance Issues processing RemoteExecutionTasks NCCF-59236
Core Modifying the Service Name field twice causes UI error resulting in unresolved spinner NCCF-59214
Core NetPath Not Keeping Track of Exception Count and Continues to Spam Keybox NCCF-55483
Core SSO and IDP We Don't Evaluate the Login Page Correctly for branding NCCF-51980
Core Cannot Install Agents Due to Changes Around XSS Check NCCF-49844
Core DMA helper can't be enable on Ventura NCCF-45688
Core Read-Only banner needs to be dismissable NCCF-38990
Core Can't view user management details with read-only role NCCF-36476
Core No Vm Guest on Hyper-V 2022 Server NCCF-31229
Core Schedule Type 'Once' does not work NCCF-22636
Core Under some Circumstances the Agent can send Excessive Amounts of Scripting Task Output NCCF-17584
Core Device Class Blank NCCF-16678
Core Increase The Allowed Size and Dimensions Of the Login Page Logo NCCF-16313
Core Confusing Linux installation script message "DMS checker does not exist" NCCF-15870
Core System Level PSA Notifications "Enable All"/"Disable All" doesn't work NCCF-15045
Core Custom PSA: Automated Ticket Generation Reports "unable to establish a connection to the server" NCCF-14785
Core Users Without The "User Management" Permission Has Access To The Administration -> User Defaults Menu NCCF-13490