Fixed Issues in N-able N-central

Release 2022.8 GA

Category Description Bug
Core Direct Support option disappears when creating new device with class Workstations - Mac CORE NCCF-44658
Core Port :10000 /admin should be disabled when the NAC integration is enabled NCCF-44808

Release 2022.8 RC

Category Description Bug
Core Monitoring Processes are missing for the Mac agent NCCF-43095
Core Allow Take Control Connection even if heartbeat is not received NCCF-40646
Core 'ScriptDownloadURI' Version Not Updating After Upgrading of N-central NCCF-40053
Core Parent Level View - Permission Evaluation is not performed for lower levels NCCF-39485
Core PatchApproval has actionDate set as null NCCF-39060
Core RPM Error with the new Ubuntu 22.04 Agent NCCF-38585
Core Fix PatchApprovalLog scraping logic NCCF-38535
Core Probe fails to install N-central Agent on the same device NCCF-38236
Core Agent download labels incorrect NCCF-38026
Core Review and adjust synchronized method in EventBufferController NCCF-38023
Core Include customer and device history tables as well as regular when scraping NCCF-37086
Core Adjust event service watchdog to monitor heartbeat of executor service NCCF-37913
Core Add statistics on indicating completed customer event scrape NCCF-37761
Core When acknowledgementcontroller shuts down and resets counts it needs to notify observers NCCF-37512
Core The parameters table should be filtered to patch data NCCF-37456
Core Collect stats on live eventing executorserivce queue NCCF-37455
Core Watchdog restart service is not triggering a restart when component appears offline NCCF-37454
Core Scraping customer filter should include all customers deleted or not NCCF-37085
Core Probe cannot install Linux and new Mac agents NCCF-36534
Core Interrupt exception can cause event processing and/or acknowledgement processing to stop permanently and needs a watchdog NCCF-36410
Core After n-central upgrade from version which contains old Linux agents to n-central where old agents are deprecated the links to old agents are visible on Download Agent/Probe page NCCF-36295
Core Collect stats on eventing service restarts NCCF-36887
Core Ensure time series tables are not processed for scraping unless within 24h NCCF-35851
Core Memory consumption is too high when buffering events NCCF-35840
Core File Ownership on Openfire and Envoy are Different Depending on Upgrade or New Install NCCF-35500
Core LinkedBlockingDeque performance is bad in AcknowledgementController and PersistedEventBuffer class NCCF-35492
Core Billing Profiles Not Saving NCCF-34519
Core [Usability] Add Windows 10 Pro for Workstations to Filters NCCF-34389
Core Use TLS protocol instead of SSL 3.2 in Linux shared library NCCF-34193
Core Add Devices Wizard. Seeing Customer Specific Agent available on drop down instead of System Specific. NCCF-33020
Core [Command] Restart Device NCCF-32001
Core [Command] Shut Down Device NCCF-32000
Core Front end menu to issue commands in All Devices NCCF-31994
Core N-central Page Title Must be Updated When Selecting Different NAC Pages NCCF-30599
Core Modify the NAC Angular Code to Support Loading Pages from the N-central Nav Menu NCCF-30022
Core Update the "Agent tab"Page with Ubuntu 22.04 NCCF-29190
Core Update the "Add Devices Wizard" with Ubuntu 22.04 NCCF-29189
Core NAC Data Export configuration settings not decrypted from database NCCF-29162
Core Probe discovery of Ubuntu 22.04 devices NCCF-28101
Core Update the "Download Agent/Probe" Page with Ubuntu 22.04 NCCF-28099
Core Push Third Party Task Reports Success but Application fails to install NCCF-27981
Core Duplicate save network setting call logged In dmsservice.log when customuiport feature flag is on NCCF-27885
Core Having a lot of Customers and Sites, it can cause high garbage collection or out of memory problems NCCF-27271
Core Fix Jetty JVM gc.log not rolling over except on Jetty restarts NCCF-24449
Core Notification profile generated multiple tickets NCCF-22741
Core Clean Up Old Admin Console Code NCCF-21343
Core Modify Pages related to Services for Admin Console NCCF-21340
Core Causes Performance Issues on Servers with Large appliancetask Tables NCCF-21703
Core SYSTEM ERROR when user tries to reset it's own 2FA NCCF-20862
Core [FEATURE] Support Ubuntu 22.04 LTS NCCF-19869
Core Custom Services: Allow For the Configuration Of The MaxInstances Value NCCF-17330
Core Optimize the ServerUI:patchApprovalValidate API call NCCF-16834
Core The Linux/Mac code sometimes returns 32-bit for 64-bit OSs NCCF-16219
Core Probe MSI upgrade no longer functional due to lack of credentials NCCF-15093
Core Locking the "MFA Not Required" Option Isn't Being Saved NCCF-15617
Core Agent version not updated on 32bit Windows Apps & Feature panel after upgrade NCCF-14924
Ecosystem Framework

When a managed device’s warranty expiry date on N-central updates from an Asset Scan or from manually setting the warranty expiry on the device, EDR or other integrations will get uninstalled.

Ecosystem Framework Add additional server side debug logs to S1 Agent upgrade task KUIP-4180
Ecosystem Framework Make Software Upgrade scheduled task cron configurable via server properties KUIP-4179
Ecosystem Framework Update Ecosystem server side to read new global entities and configurations for msi or exe package upgrade type. KUIP-4166
Ecosystem Framework Searching for list of devices with enabled DNSF hits Postgres limitations for IN clause KUIP-4102
Ecosystem Framework Circuit breaker to reduce back-pressure from the Keybox KUIP-3735
Ecosystem Framework License - EDR Control not Complete which has a cron job making it replicate Control KUIP-3733
Ecosystem Framework MS Intune integration icon shows enabled even when not being used - Dev Work KUIP-2898
Integrations The Content F and Block Page entries are not deleted when assigned to a Profile used in a Deployment Site INT-1018
Patch Management Implement Agent renaming and logic for default profile and RC profile PMCM-2057
Patch Management Implement N-central Patch Profile changes in order to support RC release of PME PMCM-919
Patch Management N-Central Crashes when you attempt to re-add patch classifications or products to an Automatic Patch Approval. PMCM-415
Patch Management [FEATURE] Patch Management Engine (PME) Upgrade Options PMCM-426