Software requirements

Supported Platforms and Browsers

N-able N-central supports the latest versions of:

  • Microsoft Edge®
  • Mozilla Firefox®
  • Google Chrome®
  • Apple Safari®

Attended Remote Control and Direct Connect remote control connections are not supported on 64-bit browsers.

Supported Mobile Device Operating Systems

N-able N-central's Mobile Device Management supports iOS and Android devices.

For more information, see Mobile Device Management in the online help.

Remote Control

Remote control connections require the following software on the computers that initiate connections:

  • Java 6 Update 20 or greater

Report Manager

To use Report Manager with N-central, ensure the you upgrade to the latest version of Report Manager.

SNMP Community String

When monitoring the N-able N-central server using SNMP, the community string used for SNMP queries to the server must use N-central_SNMP, not public.