About the N-able N-central 30-day trial

N-able N-central includes an initial 30-day activation period. Perform the activation process as soon as possible to take full advantage of your purchased licensing.

Trial limits

During the initial 30-day period, the following limits apply until N-able N-central is activated:

  • Branding cannot be customized,
  • Custom services cannot be uploaded, and
  • The server cannot be integrated with Report Manager

License limits and configuration settings

Until activation, N-able N-central has the following limits:

  • 10 Essential licenses

  • 40 Professional licenses

  • 20 Customers/Sites

  • 5 Mobile Devices

  • 1 Service Organization (999 Probes, 0 Essential Mode Patch Management licenses, 0 Third Party Patch Management licenses)

Before activating N-able N-central, TCP ports 22, 443, 8443, and 10000 must be accessible to the N-able N-central server over the Internet, and the server has a publicly-accessible IP address. See Port access requirements for details.


Contact N-able to activate your N-able N-central server.

Web Page:


Technical Support Self-Service Portal:



Toll Free (U.S./CAN): 1-866-302-4689

International: +800-6225-3000

Local: (613) 592-6676, select option 2 for support