Activate N-able N-central

After you install your N-central server, it should be activated with the license key you received in your email, you must activate N-central with this license key to continue using the software and to apply your purchased licenses.

Please note:

  • To allow any additional licensing to be applied in the future, we will require your FQDN or public IP with your N-central server accessible over port 10,000. This is also required to activate any integrated products within N-central.

  • To provide us this information please open a partner care case and provide the IP or FQDN for your server.

  • If you are unable to make your server publicly accessible over port 10,000 please reach out to us via partner care case to activate your new license via license exchange. This will be required for each license modification if your server is not publicly accessible.

Activate your new license key

For the initial activation of your N-central server, please follow the steps to apply your key.

  1. Access the N-central administrative console:

    1. In your browser, enter the following URL:

      https://[ IP address or FQDN of YOUR N-central server]:10000. This will bring you to the login page.

    2. Enter the default credentials:


      Password: Your Password

  2. Click Accept to accept the N-able EULA.

  3. Go to Central Server > License Key > Re-activate.

  4. Click License Key and then click Re-activate.

  5. Copy and paste the License Key provided to you in your New Customer Email, into the License Key field.

  6. Click Reactivate.

Additional licenses

To purchase additional licenses for features, contact your Partner Success Manager. You can find their contact information in N-ableMe:

  1. Click the Need Assistance? button.

  2. In the Partner Success Manager area, click View Info.

  3. Use the contact information to contact your Partner Success Manager or email


Contact N-able to activate your N-able N-central server.

Web Page:

Technical Support Self-Service Portal:


Toll Free (U.S./CAN): 1-866-302-4689

International: +800-6225-3000

Local: (613) 592-6676, select option 2 for support