Access your N-central REST API Swagger page

N-central version 2023.9 and later includes an N-central Swagger page for testing and documenting N-central REST APIs.

A Swagger page (or Swagger UI) is an API development tool used to visualize and interact with the API endpoints. Its purpose is to provide a user-friendly interface for developers, testers, and others to understand the functionality of the API, explore available endpoints, and test API requests and responses. Swagger pages enhance the developer experience by providing a centralized platform for understanding, testing, and integrating with APIs.

You can use a Swagger page for:

  • API documentation: It serves as interactive documentation for the API, detailing all available endpoints, parameters, request bodies, response formats, and authentication requirements.

  • API exploration: You can explore and familiarize yourself with the API without having to dive into the codebase directly and see what data each endpoint expects, what it returns, and how to interact with it.

  • API endpoint testing: The Swagger UI allows you to test API endpoints directly from the browser by providing input parameters and viewing the corresponding responses. This helps in quickly validating the functionality of the API.

  • Generate client SDKs: The Swagger UI often includes features for generating client SDKs in various programming languages. You can generate code snippets or client libraries based on the API specification, which helps in integrating the API into their applications more easily.

To access your Swagger page

  • Go to /api-explorer/ on your N-central instance.

    For example

    where is the FQDN of your N-central instance.

See the N-central Rest APIs: Quick Tour video for details.