View pending delayed patch approvals

You can easily locate and review pending delayed patches within N-able N-central.

Patch approvals and configured delays appear on the patch management home page. Within this view you can:

  • view the patch details by clicking on the patch name,
  • view the Approval target Customer(s) and/or Rule(s) by hovering over the Approval column,
  • delete one or more delayed approvals by selecting them and clicking Delete Selected,
  • use the filters in each column header to change the view results.
  • click the devices in the row to access the list of devices approved for the patch.
  1. Click ConfigurationPatch Management.
  2. In the Pending Patch Approvals area, the Days Left column indicates the number of days before the approved patch installs.
  3. Clicking Automatic Approvals enables you to view all approvals. The Approval Delay column indicates any delays configured for the patch approval rule.