Add a scheduled report

Set up reports that N-able N-central generates and emails to recipients on a regular basis.

This procedure can only be performed at the SO, Customer or Site level.

  1. Click Reports > Scheduled Reports.
  2. Click Add and select a report from the category fly-outs.
  3. In the Report Type field, select a report.
  4. Enter a Name.
  5. In the Recurrencefield, select the frequency that N-able N-central generates the report.

    Configuring a Daily scheduled report will generate a new report at 3:00 am. The reporting period runs from 12:00 pm to 12:00 pm; therefore, the report information will be three hours old when it is generated.

  6. Select the Recipients and enter additional users in the Non-System Recipients field, separated by a comma.
  7. Enter a Summary to be included in the report.
  8. In the Export Format drop-down list box, select a file format for the report.
  9. In the Paper Size drop-down list, select the print format.
  10. In the Number Formatting drop-down list, select how to format the numbers.
  11. Click Preview Report to see what the report will look like.
  12. Click Save.

N-able N-central saves the scheduled report and it appears in the Scheduled Reports list. At the configured time, N-able N-central runs the reports against the information requested and sends it to the selected recipients.

You can configure online reports for daily, weekly and monthly on the day reports. For a more reporting period options, use Report Manager. Report Manager enables you to build custom reports from the data and has more options for reporting periods including 1 Day, 7 Days, 14 Days, 30 Days, 90 Days, One Month, One Quarter, One Year.