Self-Healing report

The Self-Healing Report displays usage statistics for the About self-healing feature as well as details concerning Self-Healing attempts.

This procedure can only be done at the Customer or Site level.

  1. Click ReportsEvents > Self-Healing.
  2. Specify the Start Date and Time and End Date and Time.
  3. Select the Report Type:
    • Summary - an overview of all devices that have used the Self-Healing feature
    • Device Details - displaying specific details for selected devices.
  4. If generating a Device Details report, select:
    1. Devices to include
    2. Include Self-Healing Configuration, to display the specific Self-Healing settings for each the selected devices
  5. Select Include Self-Healing History to display a list of all Self-Healing attempts and their results during the requested reporting period.
  6. Click View Report.

The report appears on screen. You can email or save the report to your hard disk.