Executive Summary report - Customer level

The Executive Summary report provides statistics on the availability and performance of your key network devices and services. These statistics help you to understand the overall utilization of your network. With this information, you can manage your network's performance and capacity more efficiently to help you provide a higher level of service.

The Executive Summary report includes eight graphs:

  • CPU Utilization — CPU Usage vs. Time;
  • Disk Utilization — Disk Usage vs. Time;
  • Memory Utilization — Virtual Memory Usage vs. Time;
  • Memory Utilization — Physical Memory Usage vs. Time;
  • Traffic Utilization — Utilization vs. Time;
  • Traffic Utilization — Outgoing bytes per second vs. Time;
  • Traffic Utilization — Incoming bytes per second vs. Time; and
  • Traffic Utilization — Total bytes per second vs. Time

The text that you specify to accompany the report is only used for the current report. After the report is generated, N-able N-central resets the default text.

This procedure can only be performed at the Customer level.

  1. Click Reports > Status > Executive Summary.
  2. Specify the Start Date and Time and End Date and Time.
  3. Under the Executive Summary heading, enter the introductory Text for the report.
  4. In each section, select the devices to include and if needed, enter new text describing the section.
  5. Click View Report.

The report appears on screen. You can email or save the report to your hard disk.