Availability of One Service on Multiple Devices report

The Availability of One Service on Multiple Devices report enables you to compare availability values of one service across different devices for a specific period. Use this report to find out whether a particular device is offering a service.

The service availability on multiple devices is defined by the sum of the Normal and Warning states.

This procedure can only be done at the Customer or Site level.

  1. Click ReportsAvailability > Availability of One Service On Multiple Devices.
  2. Select the Start Date and Time and End Date and Time.
  3. Select the Service from the drop-down list box.
  4. Select the Devices to include. The devices available depends on the service selected and which devices are using that service.
  5. Select Multiple Graphs to display a separate graph for each of the selected devices.
  6. Click View Report.

The report appears on screen. You can email or save the report to your hard disk.