Configure and associate notifications to devices or probes

At the customer level, you can associate a notification to individual devices or probes. This creates a notification that is specific to a device. When the trigger occurs on the device, the notification is sent.

  1. Click ConfigurationMonitoringNotifications and click Add Notification.
  2. Configure the notification profile.
  3. Click Save and Continue.
  4. On the Trigger Details tab, click Add and enter a name for the trigger.
  5. Configure the trigger.
  6. Select the devices and probes from the list.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Click Save.

The trigger and notification is set for the selected devices or probes. When the trigger occurs on specifically on that device or probe, a notification message is set to the recipients.

Set multiple notifications

If you want to associate multiple notifications to a device or probe, it is more efficient to select the notifications within the probe configuration.

  1. Click Administration > Probes.
  2. For the specific probe, click Manage under the Associated Notifications column.
  3. Select the notifications to include and click Save.