Global Notification Control

N-able N-central allows for global notification control across all levels. Using Global Notification Control, you can enable or disable notifications for the level at configuration and downwards. You are also able to view, visually, which levels have enabled or disabled their notifications, as long as those levels are the one you are at or below.

Enable or disable global notifications

To enable global notifications across all levels, you must be in the highest accessible level. For on-premise N-central installation, this will be the System level. For Hosted N-central installation, this will be the Service Organization level.

  1. Click the bell icon in the top right navigation menu.

  2. global notification control

  3. Click the toggle at the top next to Global Notification Status.

  4. If the toggle is ON, then notifications will continue to be dispatched at all levels. If the toggle is OFF, then notifications will be suspended at the current level and all levels below.

  5. In the pop-up, click OK.