Add a link to the My Links area

Add a link to the My Links area in the navigation pane in N-able N-central.

You can use the links as a way to share content with other technicians by making the links public. Public links created at the customer level appear in the My Links menus of all accounts within the Service Organization, and can be edited by any account.

Use the private option to save a set of links for your own use. Private links appear only in your My Links menu. Private links are viewed and edited only by the account that created them.

When adding a link to the My Links menu, Internet Explorer may experience issues if the link uses a different protocol than the N-able N-central server. For example, if the link uses HTTP and the N-able N-central server is using HTTPS, the link may be blocked. To resolve this issue, make the N-able N-central server a trusted site in Internet Explorer.

  1. Click My LinksManage My Links.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Enter a link Name.
  4. Enter, or paste the URL for the link.

    N-able N-central does not validate the specified URL. Ensure the URL is valid.

  5. Select the Type for link to determine who can view it.
  6. Click Save.

The link name appears in the My Links area of the navigation pane. Public links have a green icon and a private link has a red icon. Blue icons are N-able N-central default links.