Apply custom monitoring services

Add custom monitoring services to a device to begin collecting information about the device's status and performance. You can apply the service to a device or to a service template.

Apply a custom monitoring service to devices

  1. Click ViewAll Devices and click on the check box next to the devices you want to add a service and click Add Services.
  2. Only choose devices in the appropriate device class for the service.

  3. Locate the service in the list and select the number of Instances of the service to apply.
  4. Click Apply.

The service is associated to the device and it will begin to retrieve data from it. Click ViewAll Devices, and click the name of the device, then the Monitoring tab to see the service in the Service List.

You can create your own custom device classes and choose what types of monitoring services supports them. Different types of stock device classes will have different capabilities associated with them.

Apply a custom monitoring service to a service template

  1. Click Administration > Service Management > Service Templates.
  2. Select the template that you want to add the custom service.
  3. Only choose devices in the appropriate device class for the service.

  4. From the Service drop-down list box, select the custom monitoring service and click Add Service.
  5. Edit the Details, Thresholds and Self-Healing parameters for the service as it applies to this specific template.
  6. Click Save.

The service is added to the template. Notifications of the events configured will appear.