Add Windows Event Log monitoring to a service template

The Windows event log is a record of all events - information, warnings and errors - produced by a Windows computer. The N-able N-central Windows Event Log Monitoring service enables you to monitor this log and filter important notifications. Add monitoring to a service template with filters to retrieve only the information you need.

  1. Click Administration > Service ManagementService Templates, and select a template.
  2. Select Windows Event Log from the Service drop-down menu and click Add Service.
  3. Edit the Name to identify this service instance.
  4. Always enter a unique name so that you know what the service is from the status tab of a device. This is important for service templates that have multiple instances of the service.

  5. Complete the event and error details that you want monitored.
  6. Click Save.

The service is added to the template. Notifications of the events configured will appear.

In the Event Conditions, use AND or OR logic for N-able N-central to create precise notifications from events. For more information, see Reducing notification noise in Windows event logs.