Generate a report on a service

Generate a report for a service on a device to get an overall view of how the device is functioning. There are a number of default reports available. The selection of reports available for a service depends on what the service is monitoring. You can also export the report to PDF or CSV and email it.

The reports are:

Availability Reports

  • Availability Aggregated For One Service On One Device

  • Availability of One Service on Multiple Devices

  • Detailed Status

  • Status Distribution

Metrics Reports

  • Raw Monitored Data

  • Service Metrics

If you generate the Availability Of One Service On Multiple Devices report, it will only display the results for the device you are editing.

  1. Click ViewsAll Devices.
  2. In the Name column click a device.
  3. Click MonitoringStatus.
  4. Click on the service name.
  5. Click the Reports tab.
  6. Select a report type from the drop-down list box.
  7. Click Show Config on the left side to customize the report and export or email it.