Add and configure a Log Analysis (Batch) service

The Log Analysis (Batch) is an agent-based service and works only on log files located on a file system that is local to the agent. It enables you to monitor text written by N-able N-central to a log file during the execution of a scheduled process or task, such as a nightly virus scan or a weekly backup. Each time N-able N-central or the application performs a scheduled task or process, it creates a new batch log file. The names of the files are numbered in sequence according to a specific application's recording convention.

For more information see Log Analysis (Batch) service.

You need to add the Log Analysis (Batch) service and configure where the logs are to be stored on the device to enable you to search for a specific keywords. When you add the log analysis batch service to a device, it will monitor the latest log file. For example, if the directory c:\logs has three files in it; log101.txt, log102.txt and log103.txt, the service will look to the latest file, log103.txt.

  1. Click ViewsAll Devices and click the name of a device.
  2. Click the Monitoring tab > Status tab and click Add.
  3. Locate the Log Analysis (Batch) service and add an instance and click Apply.
  4. Click the Log Analysis (Batch) service.
  5. Click the Service Details tab.
  6. In the Log File Name and Path field, set the location of the files you want to monitor, and the format they are saved as.
  7. For example: c:\windows\logs\backup*.txt

  8. Click OK.