Add and configure a Log Analysis (Appended) service

The Log Analysis (Appended) is an agent-based service and works only on log files that are located on a file system that is local to the agent. It enables you to monitor text that an application, such as a web server or a firewall, writes to its log file. During the monitoring process, the service executes a check on the log file at regular intervals, and it scans logged lines that were added to the file since its last execution.

For more information see Log Analysis (Appended) service.

You need to add the Log Analysis (Appended) service and configure where the logs are to be stored on the device to enable you to search for a specific keywords.

  1. Click ViewsAll Devices and click the name of a device.
  2. Click the Monitoring tab > Status tab and click Add.
  3. Locate the Log Analysis (Appended) service and add an instance and click Apply.
  4. Click the Log Analysis (Appended) service.
  5. Click the Service Details tab.
  6. In the Log File Name and Path field, set the location of the files you want to monitor, and the format they are saved as.
  7. For example: c:\windows\logs\serverlog.txt

  8. Click OK.