Backup business documents using N-able Backup

Use N-able Backup to automate backing up of business documents on Windows workstations to the cloud. The documents backup feature enables you to backup only documents needed for day-to-day business activities. With current ransomware threats, regular backups of important business documents can save time and money should a crypto attack occur. N-able Backup Documents does not backup system or database files. Documents that are backed up include:

  • Documents: .DOC, .DOCX, .ODT, .PAGES, .PDF, .RTF, .TXT, .WPD and .WPS
  • Presentations: .PPT, .PPTX, .PPS, .KEY
  • Spreadsheets: .XLS, .XLSX, .XLR, .CSV

This feature is only available for workstations, not file servers. N-able N-central backup automatically searches for the document types listed above on a device and backs up the files twice a day for 28 days, giving you up to 56 restore points.

  1. In the Backup Dashboard list, click All Devices.
  2. You can select multiple devices by clicking the check boxes next to multiple devices, click Edit and scroll down to the MSP Backup area.

  3. Switch to the Settings tab > Backup section.
  4. Click the check box for Enable N-able Backup.
  5. Click Select Profile and select Documents from the drop-down menu.
  6. Click Save.

N-able Backup will begin backing up business documents on the device.