View N-able Backup system and device dashboards

View the current status of N-able Backup for a device within N-able N-central. Use the backup dashboard to review the details of a backup. From the Backup Dashboard, you can view an aggregated summary of all your devices and their individual backup status.

There are two dashboards you can review to see more information about the backup status: a system dashboard to view all customers and a device dashboard.

If your profiles page appears blank after clicking Add and the wait icon stays on the screen, check the cookie settings for your browser, and ensure it is set to Always. If it is set to Visited, there may be a display issue.

System dashboard

The system-level dashboard enables you to see all devices for a customer and the overall general health and status of a customer's network and devices.

  1. Click Cove Data ProtectionCove Data ProtectionDashboard.
  2. Click through the tabs to review information about the backups of the device.
  3. If you need to address any issues, click the device name and click Launch backup client. The N-able Backup control panel for the device opens in a new browser tab.

Device dashboard

Use the backup dashboard for an individual device to view the backup status.

This dashboard is only available if the specific device is N-able Backup enabled.

  1. Click ViewsAll Devices.
  2. Click the name of the device you want to review and click Backup Dashboard.
  3. Click View Service Details in each widget for more granular information about the backup.