Adjust performance settings in the Take Control viewer

Modify the look of the Take Control viewer window. There are a number of settings that can be adjusted to optimize the Remote Desktop within the viewer. For example, scale down the picture to decrease the amount of image data transmitted in a session, which is useful in slow connections.

  1. In N-able N-central, click ViewsAll Devices.
  2. Click the link for the device.
  3. Click Remote Control in the upper-right corner and select Take Control.
  4. If the Remote Control button is yellow, you may still attempt a Take Control session. You can hover over the Remote Control button to view more information about the connection, such as when the last Take Control Heartbeat was detected. If the button is gray, then remote control is disabled for that device.

  5. Click View in the footer and select a setting to change.
    The low, medium-low, medium-high, and high bandwidth optimization settings are used to adjust the rate control of the packet transmission, as well as the color depth and image encoding (to use or not to use JPEG). Typical bandwidth usage is in the area of 20–40 KB/s, regardless of color mode. In most situations, 100KB/s of upload in the Agent side reserved for MSPA will provide a suitable remote control experience.

The Take Control viewer changes to the settings selected.