Transfer files using the Take Control viewer

Upload and download files to the remote device using a file transfer protocol. The FTP capability enables you to send files or upload log reports from the remote device. There is no imposed restriction to the type or size of the files or folders.

  1. In N-able N-central, click ViewsAll Devices.
  2. Click the link for the device.
  3. Click Remote Control in the upper-right corner and select Take Control.
  4. If the Remote Control button is yellow, you may still attempt a Take Control session. You can hover over the Remote Control button to view more information about the connection, such as when the last Take Control Heartbeat was detected. If the button is gray, then remote control is disabled for that device.

  5. Click the File Transfer tab.
  6. Select an item from the Local File List or the Remote File List and drag it to the target destination.
  7. To select multiple files or folders, click the root folder in the top box. In the bottom box either click and hold the Control or Shift key and select the files and folders.

Transfers are registered on the session report and in the Chat window.

The File Transfer Queue shows the list of transfers and their progress. You can change the priority of each file transfer by changing a file’s position in the file transfer queue.

You can also pause and cancel each transfer and rename and delete files using the pencil and trash can icons.