Change the default license type for a device class for customer

If you need to change the license type for a customer, either to upgrade to a professional license or move to an essential license, use rules to update all devices for a customer. You can use an existing Windows Laptop rule or similar.

  1. Click Configuration > Monitoring > Rules.
  2. Click the rule to update, such as the Laptop-Windows rule.
  3. Click the Network Device Configuration Options tab
  4. In the License Mode section, click the Action drop-down menu and select the desired license mode.
  5. Click Save.

When the rule runs, all devices using this rule will update the licence type.

Licenses are applied for a minimum period of 15 days. For basic license types such as Professional licenses, the period starts when the license is initially applied, not when the device is imported.If a device’s license usage is modified, the original license usage will continue to be in effect until the 15-day minimum period has ended. Once that period elapses, the license will go back into the pool for use elsewhere.If the license is removed from the device after the 15 day period has expired, the license will immediately return to the available pool.

You can also change the change the license type by individual device.