New: June 2, 2020

N-able N-central version system

N-able is changing the version scheme for N-able N-central.

While the product itself is not affected, the numbering system will make it clearer as to when the release was, and what iteration of the software partners are using.

The new scheme follows a calendar-based format, rather than a sequential numbering format. Going forward, new versions of N-able N-central will follow a format of YYYY.RR.HF.BBBB, where...

  • YYYY is the year of the release
  • RR is the release number within the year, for example, the first release is 01, the second release in a year is 02, and so on
  • HF is the hotfix version
  • BBBB is the build number

For example, this new versioning scheme would be 2020.01.00.2112. This is the first major release of N-able N-central on this new versioning scheme, running build 2112.

A subsequent hotfix release for that version would be 2020.01.01.2311.