Stop DNS Filtering in N-central

If your DNS Filtering trial has expired or you do not want to extend your subscription, you can remove DNS Filtering from N-able N-central. Deactivating DNS Filtering uninstalls roaming clients from devices and removes your DNS Filtering sites.

Before deactivating DNS Filtering, make sure that you point your networks to a public resolver to maintain your DNS service:

Stopping the use of the DNS Filtering integration ceases DNS resolution. This mean that DNSFilter servers stop answering DNS requests on your network. End users will experience this as a loss of internet connectivity. Before cancelling your service, make sure that your networks point to a public resolver such as Cloudflare (, or Google (, to have continuity of your DNS service.

  1. At the System or Service Organization level, navigate to Integrations > Integration Management.
  2. In the DNS Filtering row, click Manage and select Deactivate DNS Filtering.