What's New in N-able N-central 2022.8

What's new in N-central 2022.8

N-central 2022.8 includes over 80 fixed items, an important addition to Patch Management profiles, an update to Take Control behavior, and a new feature in preview!

New Patch Profile Option!

New to N-central 2022.8 is an option in Patch Profiles regarding upgrades to our Patch Management Engine (PME).

PME installation profiles allow the choice of the General Availability or Release Candidate version of Engine installed on the devices associated to that patch profile. The two options are:

  • General Availability (GA): The default option, which installs the most current version of PME.

  • Release Candidate (RC): The non-default option, which installs a functional preview of the next PME version.

The Release Candidate option is ideal for testing the upcoming PME version in advance to ensure everything is working to your standards. After an RC version is determined to be stable after a few weeks of release, we will promote it to GA, which will auto-update on all devices. Release Candidate Agents undergo extensive testing before you can download them, but if you choose to download an RC Agent, it may include some minor bugs.

Third Party Patch (TPP) applications will behave similar to PME, where there will be both a GA and an RC version for Third Party Patches. If you select to install the GA version of PME, you will also be selecting the GA version of TPP, and likewise for the RC version.

Integrated Take Control - Connection without Take Control heartbeat now possible!

In N-central 2022.8, we've made it easier for you to get a Take Control session started, even if N-central hasn't received a heartbeat from the device. If the Take Control heartbeat isn't available, when you hover over the remote control icon in the All Devices view, you will see a message that indicates how long since N-central has seen a Take Control heartbeat and that your connection may not succeed.

Please note that this change means that the remote control icon will be green for more situations than it was previously. If you have been relying on the Remote Control icon to tell you if a device is entirely offline, or just if the N-central agent isn't checking in, you'll want to start relying more on the Status icon for the device, and attempt a remote control session to verify if the device is entirely offline or not.

Securely Access the N-central Administration Console (preview)

A new feature in preview for 2022.8 allows your N-central server's administration console to be part of the regular user interface, rather than only being available on port 10000. With this change, you'll also be able to secure the Product Administrator account with MFA, all of the time!

If you are interested in testing this important security enhancement, please email ncpreview@n-able.com once your On-Premise N-central server has been upgraded to 2022.8.

Ubuntu 22.04 agent

New to N-central 2022.8 is support for Ubuntu 22.04 agent installation. You'll find this new agent available from the Download Agent/Probe software page.

New Pendo Onboarding Guides and tooltips

If you're a newly-added user to N-able N-central, take advantage of our new onboarding guides and tooltips.

See Onboarding Guides and tooltips for details!

New Cove Dashboard in N-central!

Introducing the new main Cove dashboard in N-Central. The Backup dashboard has a similar design to the Recovery dashboard and includes:

  • a dedicated donut chart for Microsoft 365 management

  • new filters selection panel

  • new columns management

Enhanced DNS Filtering

We've made usability improvements to the DNS Filtering Insights user interface and well as other improvements throughout the user interface.