What's New in N-able N-central 2023.3

Remote Control Column Improvements

N-central 2023.3 brings the long-anticipated updates to the Remote Control column in the All Devices view! More icon colors have been introduced to represent the remote control status more effectively. When N-central hasn't received a heartbeat from Take Control, the icon will shift to yellow but still let you attempt a remote control session. The hover over will tell you when the heartbeat was last seen as well as let you know if the N-central agent is not checking in.

Azure IDP Improvements

This release continues to provide improvements to Azure as an External Identity Provider! N-central 2023.3 now provides an Azure login button which will help reduce the frequency your password needs to be supplied. This update allows for a more seamless SSO experience!

Automation Manager 2.70

Automation Manager 2.70 is included as part of N-central 2023.3. The fixes in this version focus on problems found with upgrading the Automation Manager installations on your agents and probes to the previous release. Also included, is an updated version of the Windows Backup monitoring service that provides information on more thresholds.

PME Reinstall Tasks

We have added a new task to install the patch engine on selected devices which brings two workflow options:

  • Upgrade to a release candidate (RC) version of the Patch Engine on selected devices when one is available. This allows you to try out new features, bug fixes and improvements ahead of it being made generally available.

  • Uninstall and reinstall the current version of the Patch Engine on selected devices, which may be used in situations where the patch engine is not working as expected

Major Bug Fixes

This release of N-central contains over 40 fixes related to reported issues! This includes a fix for performance issues related to large numbers of scheduled tasks (NCCF-59236).