Scheduled Tasks

N-able N-central provides the ability to create Scheduled Tasks for Windows devices. This feature allows you to create tasks that will install software remotely, execute scripts, copy files, and many others.

Scheduled Tasks are executed with the permissions used by the executing software (Agent or Probe). Agents use Agent credentials provided during discovery (or set individually on the Properties tab of the device) while the Probe typically uses domain administrator permissions.

In order for the Probe to execute remote scheduled tasks, the admin$ share must be accessible to the domain administrator user account. As designed by Microsoft, only a Domain or Local Administrators can access the admin$ share on a Windows operating system. This admin$ share is accessed when deploying the N-able N-central Agent, as well as during remote script or software deployment initiated by the N-able N-central server.

Access to the root\cimv2 WMI namespace is required on all desktops and workstations to effectively monitor and manage a Windows operating system through WMI. A user account with the proper security accesses can be set on the cimv2 WMI namespace to allow non-domain administrator accounts to monitor and manage a Windows device through WMI as well.