How N-able N-central uses SNMP

SNMP is an industry standard networking protocol used to monitor and manage network devices. N-able N-central uses SNMP to discover asset information and monitor the status of devices. N-able N-central uses SNMP in two ways: it queries devices for information using the GET command, and it receives syslog messages.

N-able N-central used the GET command as part of network discovery jobs, and as part of many of the N-able N-central monitoring services. N-able N-central uses the GET command to query devices for information. This information can be divided into two categories:

  • Asset data - the serial number of a device, or the model and manufacturer of a device. Asset data is gathered when an agent or a probe does a discovery job. This typically occurs on a daily, recurring basis.
  • Monitoring data - the status of a physical drive, memory or RAID array and so on. Monitoring data is gathered by an agent or a probe on a more frequent bases than asset data. Typically, monitoring data is gathered every five minutes.

N-able N-central and Syslog messages

The N-able N-central Windows probe receives syslog messages. These messages are typically sent from routers, switches, or firewalls when they detect an error. When the Windows probe receives a syslog message, N-able N-central sends and alert message.

You need to configure the device that is generating the syslog messages to send its syslog messages to the probe. Contact the vendor for specific instructions on configuring syslog messages for a device.

Make sure that your device is configured to send SNMP Traps to your probe device. N-able N-central logs Any traps that are received to C:\Program Files (x86)\N-able Technologies\Windows Software Probe\syslog\log\Syslog.log.

N-able N-central Custom Services

While N-able N-central includes many pre-configured SNMP-based services, you can also create customized SNMP-based services.