Review startup applications on a device

Review and manage the applications that run automatically when the device starts. Seeing what applications launch on startup enables you to troubleshoot device performance issues directly from N-able N-central. The amount of startup application information available differs for different versions of Windows.

This feature is only available for managed Windows devices with N-able N-central agents installed.

The Startup Applications feature in the Direct Support interface provides you with the ability to disable or enable the automatic running of individual or multiple applications.

  1. In the navigation pane, click Views > All Devices.
  2. Select the Network Devices tab and click the Name of a device.
  3. Click ToolsStartup Applications.
  4. In the User drop-down menu, select a user account. Select All Users to manage the startup applications for all of the accounts that are configured for the device.
  5. Click the On/Off toggle in the Status column of the startup application to change the state.
  6. To enable or disable multiple items, click the check box next to each item and click the Enable or Disable at the top of the window.
  7. Click Save.