Manage files on a device

Access the drives, folders, and files on the managed device. This enables you to dig into the hard disk of a device for troubleshooting and send, retrieve, copy, paste, and delete files or folders without having to establish a remote control connection.

This feature is only available for managed Windows devices with N-able N-central agents installed.

Many of the functions available in the File System tab are similar to the behavior of Windows Explorer, including copy, paste, delete files uploading and downloading files from the device to your local computer. The Last Action column will display the most recent operation that N-able N-central carried out with a specific file or folder.

  1. In the navigation pane, click Views > All Devices and click the Network Devices tab.
  2. Click the Name of a device.
  3. Click ToolsFile System.
  4. Navigate to where the file is located and select it.
  5. To download a file from the device, click the check box next to the file and click Retrieve File.
  6. To upload a file, click Send File.
  7. The Send File feature can not be used to send folders to target devices.

  8. Update the view by clicking Refresh Now.