Use the command prompt on a device

The Direct Support Command Prompt enables you to type commands and view the results directly in the N-able N-central user interface. It is a fast and efficient method for performing specific functions without having to establish a separate remote control session.

This feature is only available for managed Windows devices with N-able N-central agents installed.

  1. Click Views > All Devices and click the Network Devices tab.
  2. Click the Name of a device.
  3. Click Tools > Click Command Prompt.
  4. Click Start Session.
  5. When the command prompt is displayed, type a command and press Enter.
  6. Click History to download a text file of the contents of the session.
  7. Click End Session when finished using the command prompt.

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are available to save time when entering commands.

Keys Function

Up arrow

Scroll up through the list of previously-completed commands.

Down arrow

Scroll down through the list of previously-completed commands.

Esc key

Will either erase the current command line or close the command line history window if one is open.

Tab key

Automatically completes file or folder names.


Repeats last command.


Displays all previous commands in a command line history window.


Prompts to select a command line by a number displayed in the command line history window.