Approve software patches for applications

Approve patches for third-party software from the Direct Support tools. If a third-party software requires a patch install that may be causing issues, you can approve and install the patch right away.

This is only available for applications that have available software patches. If a patch is required, a yellow warning icon appears in the Patch Required column. Click the icon for information about the required patch.

  1. Click Views All Devices.
  2. Select the Network Devices tab.
  3. Click the Name of a device.
  4. In the Device Details screen, click Tools.
  5. Click Applications.
  6. Select the checkbox beside each of the names of the applications to approve.
  7. Note that you can only do this if Third Party Patching is enabled. For more information see Patch Detection Control.

  8. Click Install Patch Now.

N-able N-central downloads and installs the update on the device.