Updated: February 12, 2024

Move devices between customers and sites

Move a device to a different customer or to another site. A device such as a laptop, may need to move from one site to another because the user has physically moved to a different office location. You may also want to move a device to a testing site to test patches.

When moving a device:

  • you cannot move a device from a site or customer to a different Service Organization or between Service Organization,
  • tickets associated with a device are removed upon a move,
  • the moving devices wizard will run a check on the validity of licenses and probes.

Be aware that components of a moved device are connected to its probe. The probe is used for monitoring, discovering and patch and AV caching . It is advisable to have a probe on the site destination when moving devices. Before you move a device, ensure you update the local agent and the probes to the latest version, and verify that the target customer has enough licenses for a feature list that is on the enabled device.

Also, consider the following that you will need to re-establish once the device has been moved:

  • Services are monitored by the probe will be removed. For example, the connectivity service which is typically being monitored by the probe will be removed.
  • Devices with Patch Management will no longer have a default patch cache.
  • If your probe is the update server, then your devices that use that AV update server will no longer be able to get updates or upgrades from the update server, and will need to be reconfigured.

This procedure can only be completed at the Service Organization or Customer level.

  1. Click ViewAll Devices.
  2. Select the check box for the device or devices you want to move.
  3. Click Move Devices.
  4. The Moving Devices Wizard walks you through the steps to ensure a clean transfer of the device from one location to another. Complete or review the information in the window and click Next.
    • Choose Destination window - Select the Customer or Site where you want to move the device to.
    • Check Limits window - Validates that there are sufficient limits on the target location for the device. If there is a Customer or Site limit at the destination, you can redefine the limit to continue with the move.
    • Check Monitoring window - Select the probe used for monitoring.
    • Check Profiles window - Determine which profiles are assigned to a device when moving to a new site. N-able N-central checks AV, Patch, and Backup Profiles to determine if the profile is available at the destination. If the Profile is not valid for the destination, a default profile is automatically assigned.
    • Moving Summary window - provides a summary account of the move and details about the selected devices.
  5. Click Finish.

N-able N-central completes the move of the device to the new location.