Add a mobile device

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is to be deprecated, please refer to Device Management for Apple.


To manage mobile devices, you need to invite the user to add their device, which the user then approves. Mobile devices cannot be added manually to N-able N-central or discovered by agents or probes. Inviting a mobile device to be added to N-able N-central enables you to manage a customer's smartphones or tablets.

  1. Click Views > All Devices.
  2. Click the Mobile Devices tab.
  3. Click Invite Mobile Devices.
  4. Select the customer and enter the invitation name and description.

  5. Click Add and enter the user's email address.

  6. In Maximum Registrations per Email Address, enter the number of devices the user will register. For example, a user may have an iPhone and an iPad using the same email address.

  7. Click Add.

  8. Set the Invite Expiration time to define how much time the user has to accept the invitation.

  9. Enable notification emails to the user when the mobile devices has been registered or the invitation time has expired, and who receives that message.

  10. Click Save.

N-able N-central sends an invitation email message to the user. The content of email is similar to: "You have been invited to add your mobile devices to the <xxx> network. Please click on the link to accept the invitation."