Enroll a macOS device

You must enroll end-user macOS computers in Device Management for Apple (DMA) before you can apply Configuration Profilesto them. When you enable the DMA setting in N-central, end-users of macOS devices are prompted to install the DMA profile on their devices.

Enrollment of Virtual Machines (VMs) in Device Management for Apple is not tested or supported.

When end-users are prompted to enroll their device, they complete the following steps:

  1. In the Enrollment dialog, select Continue to enroll your device, or opt to install the enrollment profile at a more convenient time by selecting Later.

    When you select Continue, an explanation of the next required steps is displayed.

  2. Enter an administrative password when prompted to authorize changes

    macOS only supports one Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution per device. If we detect a third-party MDM profile on the device, our MDM profile does not install, and the Dashboard indicates the discovery of another MDM on the device. 

    After you remove the existing MDM profile from the device, you can Relaunch macOS device enrollment to trigger the enrollment process on the device again.

    After the device authenticates with the Device Management for Apple server, we return an successful enrollment message on the computer and in the device Summary tab on the Dashboard.

    After the device is enrolled, the end-user no longer receives security or permission notifications for our products, except for Screen Recording for Take Control, which Apple does not allow to be approved using any MDM solution.

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